On August 21, 1972, one week before my 25th birthday, I joined WORJ as Program Director.  Thus began a three-year odyssey that changed all of us forever.One of the things I wanted to accomplish was to push the envelope of existing radio norms.  "Live" broadcasts were an essential part of that.Two months later, on October 27, 1972, WORJ did its first live broadcast from the Orlando Sports Stadium. 
Here, in its entirety, is that broadcast.

Lee J. Arnold
Special thanks to Neal Mirsky, who had these tapes hidden away in a box for the last 30 years.


Full Version

Poco_live/hoedown.rm Poco_live/You Are The One.rm
Poco_live/What A Day.rm Poco_live/Honky Tonk Downstairs.rm
Poco_live/RailRoad Days.rm Poco_live/Bad Weather.rm
Poco_live/Early Times.rm Poco_live/Pickin Up The Pieces.rm
Poco_live/Just For Me & You.rm Poco_live/Keeper of the Fire.rm
Poco_live/restrain.rm Poco_live/A Good Feelin To Know.rm
Poco_live/And Settlin' Down.rm Poco_live/c'mon.rm
Poco_live/Consequently.rm Poco_live/Go and Say Goodbye.rm


Bob Seger Band
"Live" at Exposition Hall
Orlando, Florida
May 13, 1973

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